Pegasus Fascinations

Pegasus Fascinations

©1999 T. Fisher Pegasus Woods.

Pegasus Fascinations are not something new with me. I have had a fancy for them since being a little girl. I remember when I was about 4 or 5 I heard the term ” Horse Fly”, though never saw what one was. I imagined a horse with wings like a fly. So I would draw little horses with wings like a fly. My mother thought these were the musings of a child with imagination. I personally was insulted when my mom said , ” Awww what a good imagination .” and eventually broke the news that horses do not have wings.

Thankfully, when I showed my drawings to a family friend named Chuck, he liked the drawings. When I told him that horses don’t have wings, he said ” well not like those, their wings look like wings from an angel” and that’s when I was introduced to the flying horse Pegasus.

I believe every little girl goes through the unicorn and flying horse faze. I didn’t much care for Alicorns, but I loved unicorns, and I loved Pegasus. My little Pony was the best toy to come out of the 80s with all the unicorns and Pegasus, and my room was littered with unicorn and Pegasus music boxes and statues. There were posters and folders featuring Andy Mack and Sue Dawe unicorns and Pegasus. The 80s were a glorious time for me and Pegasus.

Most children grow out of that faze. I however did not. As I grew older I would research Greek mythology, and origins of Pegasus. Pegasus sprang from the blood of Medusa. He could not be tamed unless he had a gold bridle to control him. He was a pet of the muses. He drank from the tears of a mother who lost her only son in a war. And he was used by Bellephron to try to reach Olympus until Zeus sent a gadfly to bite Pegasus who in turn through Bellephron off of him.

All these legends of Pegasus are allegories to things I have faced in my life. From others trying to control me with their golden bridles, to others who have tried to use me to try to reach their Olympus. The tears of those in sorrow drive me to try and make things “better”. This is what Pegasus means to me.

Pegasus was such a fascination to me that even as I grew old and started to paint, many of my paintings featured the Pegasus. Its no wonder my books would too.


About pegasusmoonarts

I am in my last quarter of college before graduating in June 2013. As part of a requirement for graduation I am required to blog about my progress on my capstone project, illustrating a children's book.
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